When moving into a new building or renovating your existing building, take a moment to improve your workplace environment. Employees no longer expect to work in tiny cubicles with tan walls. Office desks and chairs touted as ergonomic still need to be manipulated and adjusted to prevent shoulder pain and neck strain. Commercial real estate is customized to be a more appealing work environment and give employees relaxation opportunities. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your new building layout to enhance your company’s atmosphere.

Non-Traditional Seating

Design a community seating area for all employees. Add a combination of sofas, bistro tables, and standing desks for employees to perform their daily tasks. For a little creativity, add beanbag chairs, stability balls, or hammocks to the office space. Include private phone stations and sound-proof rooms for meetings to minimize distractions. Lockers provide employees with places to store personal items.

Flexible seating arrangements improve creativity, allowing employees to change their settings based on their current assignment. Neurodivergent employees benefit from the variety provided to them.

Workout Facilities

Add ways for employees to maintain their physical health at your commercial real estate facility. Simple equipment can be added to the building, such as a pool table, basketball net, or walking track. Many employers take this service to the next level by installing cardio equipment, weight systems, or swimming pools. Either way, giving employees a workout before or after work lowers stress levels and increases performance.

Accessible Parking

Any business facility in the city has its own set of challenges regarding parking. Work with local parking garages to provide discounted rates, or offer parking passes in your benefits package. Adjust the schedule for employees that take public transportation to make sure they are not waiting too long. Encourage carpooling by allowing ride-sharing employees to work the same schedule. You can even lease a van that employees can use to ride share. Some business owners install wall-mounted bike racks to store employees’ bikes during the day. If you are moving your facility, reimburse employees for fuel costs.

Relaxation Space

Relaxation rooms in commercial real estate offices offer employees an area to meditate, listen to music or enjoy nature. Ask for employee input during the design phase, but consider the following items for your room:

  • Soothing music
  • Low lights
  • Indoor gardening
  • Eye masks
  • Aromatherapy oils
  • Yoga mats
  • Aquariums

Adding these components to your office design can improve morale, grow productivity and increase employee retention. All of these changes lead to a more successful business.