Franchise Financing

Get Your Franchise Business Financed

By and large, success for a new franchise location depends on the business’s financial health. When you have sufficient capital available, it’s easier to adapt to needs as they appear.

You can invest funds in building up your customer base, hiring the best team, and giving your customers a great experience. At Lending Hub, we offer franchise financing with excellent terms for safeguarding your business.

Boost Available Working Capital

Working capital is vital for new franchises, especially during the first six months to a year of operations. As your team settles into its rhythm, there are sometimes slower months. With a good source of capital, you can cover unexpected issues and keep your cash flow in good shape. Our franchise financing provides extra cash to help with working capital.

Financing to Help You Reach Your Goals

Franchise financing from Lending Hub features:

  • LTV up to 90%
  • Low interest rates
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • No prepayment penalties

For everything else, choose franchise financing. That way, you can cover everything with manageable monthly payments:

  • Property purchases
  • Remodeling
  • Equipment loans and leases
  • Business acquisitions

Contact Lending Hub today to explore funding options for your franchise operation.