Purchase Order Financing

Grow Your Business with Purchase Order Financing

It can be a challenge to qualify for some types of financing, but the purchase order financing program here at Lending Hub is a notable exception. This program is ideal for startup businesses with limited capital and poor cash flow. You don’t need an exceptional credit score to qualify for this generous program.

The best candidates for our purchase order financing solution are businesses that need financing for presold merchandise or finished goods. So if you describe yourself as a wholesaler, reseller, or distributor, this is the program for you. When you receive approval, you can use the money to make sure all of your suppliers are paid and your presold goods continue to arrive promptly.

Benefits of Our Purchase Order Financing Program

If you still aren’t sure whether this is the financing program for you, here are some of the benefits you’ll receive once approved:

  • Fast funding that arrives within days
  • Ability to send customer orders out on time
  • Increased capacity to grow your business without putting equity against your loan
  • Opportunity to expand your market share

We can also provide you with production finance and letters of credit as needed. Our goal is to help relieve some of your financing worries so you can focus on making your business successful.

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