You have opened your small business and have brought in an inventory that contains both low and high-dollar items. You have noticed however that 

The more expensive products remain on the shelf far longer than the cheaper options. When you offer consumer financing to your clients, you are providing them with additional options to make purchases within your store. Here are a few reasons why you should consider offering credit to your customers.

Purchasing Options for New Customers

You may have visitors in your store who want to purchase an item, especially a large ticket product, but are short on the cash to pay for it. When you offer a credit option to those types of shoppers, you provide them with an option to get what they want at that moment. They can apply for consumer financing with you and, when approved, start the process to finalize the transaction. Once they have done this, they will be more likely to become loyal customers to you and you will see them more frequently in your shop or online.

Increase Sales of Large Ticket Items

Since they are out of the normal shopper’s budget, your large ticket items have a tendency to stay on the shelf and collect dust. Offering consumer financing to your customers can move these products more frequently and give you the opportunity to add more to your inventory. You can add a tag to them to draw the attention of your clients. This would also be a good time to add graphics that explain the benefits of the credit card program. It may be enough to entice the individual to buy it. When you offer additional options to purchase from your store, you are more likely to rotate existing objects out of your storage area and into the customer’s hands.

Increase Your Revenue

Your business depends on the money you bring in through the sale of your products. However, you need to get as many items as you can out the door to raise your profit. When you offer consumer financing, you can increase your revenue since you are providing your customers an option to buy that day. The financial institution that you collaborate with will send your portion to you within a couple of days. You can then use these funds to pay your employees, make necessary repairs, and purchase new inventory. This is more profitable to you than forgoing a credit option specifically tailored to your clients.