Print Design and Marketing

The Impact of Print Marketing in a Digital Age

While digital marketing is seeing an incredible surge currently, it would be a mistake to assume that print is no longer effective. Print marketing is a powerful tool to combine with your current digital marketing plan and offers some unique benefits. 

What Customers Think of Print Advertising

You might be surprised by some common consumer opinions about print advertising such as these:

  • Consumers like a tangible component to their advertising.
  • People tend to re-read and return to consult print information whereas they rarely come back to something digital.
  • Nearly 60% of consumers trust information in print more than something in a digital form.
  • Consumers feel that print communication is more personal.

How You Can Use Print Marketing

In conjunction with a robust digital marketing plan, print offers an additional form of communication with consumers and business partners that cannot be replaced. There are many ways to use print marketing which include:

  • Local advertising for small businesses looking to reach a particular population
  • Trade show materials to showcase products and services
  • Placed articles within targeted print media to reach a specific niche
  • Flyers and brochures delivered to targeted audiences

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