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Funding for Your Business Needs

A healthy business has plenty of working capital to cover monthly expenses and invest in growth. If you’re struggling to make ends meet or feel like important objectives are out of reach, let our team help. At Lending Hub, we offer a variety of commercial finance programs for small businesses. By choosing the right type of loan or lease, your can protect your savings and increase the amount of revenue your company brings in every month.

One part of healthy cash flow involves generating sufficient revenue. Our loans can help you invest funds in smart areas for reaching your goals:

Fix and Flip Financing

Purchasing run-down homes to fix them up and sell for a profit is a fairly common practice amongst professionals.

Merchant Cash Advance

This program is perfect for businesses that may not have a good cash flow or the credit history required to get a standard loan.


We have many different financing solutions here at Lending Hub. Each is designed to meet a specific professional need.

I want to help clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their business operations and overall company performance.

I strive to provide entrepreneurs, business owners, and those who dare to dream with access to quality capital which enables goals to be achieved, jobs to be created, and economic development opportunities to be realized. I then leverage my 24+ years of business experience, global network, and resources to achieve client objectives.

I dedicate myself to achieving the goals of those who trust me with their vision, under promising results and far exceeding expectations.